Eros@Afrodite is a small brand with a big dream.

Born from the desire to produce shoes every day with love and passion. They have to be worn with a unique spirit, as the shoes we offer are unique.
They are not abstractly unique, they are really unique!
How is that?
The philosophy we follow is that of NON-REPEATABILITY. None of the models we create can be duplicated, this means that no woman, with the same shoes number, can have the same model.
None of us is repeatable: WE ARE ALL UNIQUE AND INIMITABLE.

What has pushed us in this risky direction, against the mainstream?
The desire to prove that the Made in Italy still exists and expresses itself in the genius of absurd and paradoxical inventions.
In the age of endless copying, cheap imitations, unfortunate decline in fantasy, we fly towards new horizons, looking for fresh air, dwelling on possible viable paths, unexplored paths leading to breath-taking landscapes.
We pushed as far as the Olympus, we asked for help from the Gods borrowing their names to represent our "creations".
The brand name identifies the Love the members of this project put in producing each collection. All products follow a creation process aimed at creating something unique, unexpected, and valuable.
The models names are the incarnation of supernatural powers, expressing the essence of these fantastic characters. They are varied and multifaceted. They follow the susceptible, sensitive and changeable female essence.
Let your feet lead you in exploring an enchanted world that you will never want to leave.




We want to become a reference brand for customers looking for exclusive, unique and precious products.
We employ the expertise of artisans who have refined the techniques for the production of one of the most complex clothing accessories for decades.
Every single shoe, made of a multitude of parts and accessories, is assembled by hand and finished in the smallest details.
The research of materials, structures, manufacturing is performed by a professional stylist that we should perhaps define an ARTIST, as he cannot be labelled. He does not only follow the latest trends, he's projected towards the future, looking for surprising solutions for women who love daring and wish to have jewel shoes.

We remain faithful to our UNIQUENESS project, facing the world with the spirit of those who really know how to be ALTERNATIVE.

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